MTB in central Bosnia and Herzegovina

The central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the cradle of statehood. The biggest cities are Sarajevo, Zenica and Travnik. It is characterized by Carsija (bazaars) which were formed by Bosnian nobilities to strengthen the peripheral areas of the former Ottoman Empire (such as Gornji and Donji Vakuf, Prusac). Cities in the Central Bosnian region are known for the preservation of centuries old Bosnian tradition (pilgrimage sites, necropolis, Bosnian language – ikavica) etc.

As we have already mentioned, our tours are designed so that we can organize a one-day, two-day or multi-day tours, and can also provide more and different activities during your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On a mountain peak

On a mountain peak

Our proposal for multiday tours could look like this:

Day 1

The first day of your mountain bike adventure begins on the mountain Lebršnik, at the mountain lodge located near the saddle Čemerno, in the locality known as Papin Do. We start our ride from the lodge following a gravel road which later turns into a singletrack path that would eventually completely disappear in some places. We ride over meadows and choose a track suitable for a steep descent down the slopes to Jagodino lake. From the top of Lebršnik there’s a overlooking view of Volujak and Zelengora mountains, and on the other side the lake Klinje. On this tour, which is not too demanding when it comes to physical fitness, we will enjoy epic views and the magic of riding on virgin meadows. The descent is technical and requires really good skills and techniques of riding downhill.

Day 2

The second day is reserved for a circular tour of the mountain starting from the hut, riding close to water sources that later form the River Sutjeska, together with primeval forest Perućica are part of Sutjeska National Park. Perućica is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, which is now unfortunately in danger. Through concessions politicians want to industrial the zone and build mini hydro power plants, thus putting an entire eco-system at danger. After crossing the southern slopes of the mountain Volujak, while enjoying the view of the river valley we head to the asphalt road which leads us back to saddle Čemerno, from there we return to the mountain hut where we spend another night.

MTB ride

MTB ride

Day 3

The third day is reserved for a ride from the mountain hut, over the saddle Čemerno to the mountain Zelengora, which is a real gem with its lakes. The road winds between peaks and lakes that we visit and if weather allows it, we might go for a swim. Some of the lakes that we can visit are Jugovo and Orlovacko, because they are right next to a gravel road that we continue riding on through dense forest alternating with meadows. Later on we arrive at the base of the mountain called Lelija, together with Zelengora they make a natural whole.

Day 4

After three days of riding, fatigue may kick in, caused by thousands of meters of ascent and lots of hours spent in the saddle. It would be best to spend one day rafting on the cold & crystal clear Neretva river.  Afterwards we relax with drinks and local food specialties, just to regain a little strength for the final day of your mtb adventure.

View from Lebršnik

View from Lebršnik

Day 5

After we enjoyed the rafting on Neretva, we head for Bjelašnica mountain. The ride begins from the pension Visočica, heading to Umoljani village, which is famous for its necropolis of medieval tomb stones (stećak), petrified Dragon and one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From Umoljani we continue riding to the village Lukomir, offering an unusual view on virtually half of Bosnia and the canyon that separates two mountains, Bjelasnica and Visocica. From Lukomir village we ride on serpentine roads that lead us to the top of Bjelasnica where we enjoy the view of surrounding mountains, and in good weather you can see Sarajevo, the capital city of BiH. While technically undemanding, the tour is physically quite exhausting.

For those of you that never get tired enough and don’t find this to hard, we have reserved a set of more difficult and demanding tours. From Bjelašnica mountain we descend into the Rakitnica river canyon, where we begin our climb to mountain Visočica and over Visočica we arrive back to Bjelašnica.

We must not forget the Prenj mountain, which they call the Bosnian Himalayas. Prenj offers a large selection of mountain bike and hiking trails on which we can ride one or more combined tours. Also there’s Čvrsnica mountain, located near Blidnje park which offers a difficult climb to the top Pločno  2228m.a.s.l, that we descent on a technically demanding single track.

If you find our offers interesting or would like to arrange something differently to suit your needs, contact us and tell us your wishes, together we will make a mtb adventure of your dreams.

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