Mountaineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is mountaineering?

Mountaineering is a sport and leisure activity, which means an organized excursion in nature or in the mountains. The definition does not sound interesting (mountaineering), however it can offer a good holiday for the whole family, especially if you want to go hiking with us in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Winter hiking on Osječnica mountain

Winter hiking on Osječnica mountain

Whether you refer to yourself as an amateur mountaineer, or an Alpinist, if you want to hike alone or with the whole family, for each of you Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a special mountain.

Anything is possible: from one-day hikes to multi-day mountain climbs along the selected targets. Here, for example, Velika Ostravica on Ozren 918 meters above sea level and 2006 meters above sea level or Cincar. Mt. Or maybe rather easy walks on slopes of Grmeč Mt.

If you want us to plan your stay in the BiH mountains, and show you the unique beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, please contact us, and we will send our offer as soon as possible.