Hiking on Osječenica mountain

As the bad weather started (end of autumn) we parked our beloved bikes in garages and we started to hike. Our first hiking adventure was on the mountain Osječenica.

Osječenica is a mountain situated in the northwest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The highest peak is 1795 meters and is one of the medium-high mountains. Its mountain range is 30 km long, from the saddle Oštrelj to elevations above Čava Kulen Vakuf. On its western side of the canyon of the Una River and to the south is a tributary Unac. From the west and north are rocky fields: Bjelaj, Medeno, and Petrovačko. The apex of the mountain towering above the belt Osječenica forests (mainly beech and hornbeam) and cut off and from that comes the name of this mountain – Osječenica. At the top is narrow and almost a mile long plateau from whose side down rocky cliffs. That is why the locals from around the top called Stone, which offers an excellent and wide vision on all sides. The mountain is rich in flora and fauna, and is particularly worthwhile to point out edelweiss, which is a kind of sign of mountaineering and mountaineers. Water sources are scarce, from the side of Petrovac the closest source is Gorana, and by the canyon of the river Unac nearest water source is Ajzer bunar. The neighboring mountains are her Klekovača (it has a mountain pass Oštrelj) and Grmeč (behind the already mentioned karst fields in Petrovac valley).

Below, enjoy the video 😉


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