Alpine Touring and Backcountry skiing

What is Alpine touring and Backcountry skiing? 

Alpine touring and backcountry skiing is a form of skiing in the wild or out of ski slopes. Alpine Tours and adventures mostly take place completely in the wild untouched nature far from people and civilization. The biggest reward after climbing is a fantastic view of the unspoiled unbeaten whiteness beneath you.

Backcountry skiing on bosnian mountains

Backcountry skiing on Zec Mountain – photo by Emir Vučijak

Alpine touring and backcountry skiing allows traveling through winter landscapes on skis with your own strength and without ski lifts or any kind of snow vehicles. To make this possible unlike alpine skiing bindings are such as to permit lifting the heel for a more natural walking uphill or on the flat.

On the other hand unlike the Nordic skiing where the heel is continuous available with the touring skis the heel can be fixed so that when you ski downhill you can do it with classic alpine technique. Alpine touring is closely linked with the mountains mountaineering and skiing both Alpine and Nordic.

Alpine touring and backcountry skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Hercegovina there are a lot of mountains that are suitable for backcountry skiing. These are the mountains in the winter deserted and uninhabited but they are relatively mild and ideal for skiing. Those are Čvrsnica, Igman, Zelengora, Lebršnik, Vlasić just to name few.

Backcountry skiing on bosnian mountains

Backcountry skiing on Viteruša Mountain – photo by Emir Vučijak

If you want to go alpine touring and backcountry skiing on one of the mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please contact us and we’ll get in touch with you…even if you didn’t find what you’re looking for get in touch with us…and we will try to make everything possible.