Why choose UzbrdoNizbrdo ?

We Rock!

We introduce you to future friends from around Bosnia and Hercegovina and provide a genuine Bosnian experience that can’t be matched by driving the highways or riding regular public transport, here’s why…

We’re trying to have the best guides in the business

Our guides undertake a comprehensive training programme, featuring first aid, driver training, mechanical operations, bushcraft, history, cooking skills, national parks and culture.

What’s more, our guides are fun, driven and passionate people who love sharing their favourite spots with travellers like you every day!

We offer unique and customized tour styles

Choose any spot or any sport, to match your travel style, sense of adventure and budget! Our tours are also designed for different group sizes and fitness levels, giving you even more freedom to choose.

Our prices include all the extras

Like national park fees, most meals and the best activities around. Plus, we give you time wherever possible to take on optional extras like, having Ćevapćići (world-famous Bosnian food) at about 1.500 meters altittude in a village and taking a bath in a lake at about 1.000 meters altittude, to name just a few.

You get a real Bosnian experience

Experience remote in the outback, visit famous Bosnian Stećci, or the Bosnian pyramids, camp under the stars and explore our culture experiences. Our tours are designed to reward you with that unique taste of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our tours educate

As well as being fun and informative, our tours introduce you to the history and culture of Bosnia.

We use exclusive accommodation

Some of our favourite accommodation spots include sheep and cattle stations or wilderness lodges. You may also get the chance to sleep under the outback stars; it all depends on your chosen tour style.

We care about the environment

We believe in sustainable tourism and are active in taking initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We use the eight principles of Eco Certification in selecting and maintaining campsites, our transport fleet and equipment on tour. Also, our guides are trained in all aspects of eco friendliness including waste management, use of resources and emissions.