About us

We are a group of enthusiasts who do a variety of outdoor activities: Some of us ski, board and do it also as backcountry touring. Some are speleologists, climbers and a few have experience with kayaking. We all share one thing: We go mountain biking, touring to the top of the mountains in the region – such as: Vitorog, Klekovača, Cincar, Šator, Grmeč, Osječenica – and beyond. Some of us have crossed the Alps on one of the Transalp routes. There are a variety of local «home trails» that we don’t name, as we bike and live in different places – Banja Luka, Bos. Petrovac, Sanski Most, Bihać, Gradiška, Cazin, Glarus [Switzerland] …

Our team

This is the UzbrdoNizbrdo team :

Ozren – The man who without doubt knows where the best food and drinks are.

Fikret – On a bike on the skis or by foot it doesn’t matter to him as long he is on a mountain enjoying the view.

Edo – Long distance mountain biking and motocross are his passions. Whether by mountain bike or motorcycle, he visits mountains in the region.

Vedran the Doc! – He’s not only a doc for cycling, he really is a dentist specialist. Doc won’t be pulling out your teeth, rather than the last ounce of energy on the mountain.

Zoka Sensei – Hiking, cycling, skiing, speleology – The man behind the most climbs on mountain peaks in the region. In addition, he has successfully been running the Ultra-Marathon Plus on Fruska Gora  for the last 10 years.

Nikola – One of the best DH riders in the region. Behind him are many appearances at UCI races, and participation’s in several races of urban downhill World Cup series organized by Red Bull. By profession a Red Bull model 😉 He studies mechanical engineering at the University of Banja Luka.