MTB and hiking tours in Bosnia and Herzegovina


What is UzbrdoNizbrdo?

UzbrdoNizbrdo is an travel company specializing in small group tours in Bosnia & Herzegovina. UzbrdoNizbrdo is your complete adventure travel guide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UzbrdoNizbrdo is a mind set and we’re bringing together like minded people. We know how to get to the heart of a destination and our guides are trying to be the best in the business. Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina’s unique nature with our guides.

What does UzbrdoNizbrdo mean?

In our local language UzbrdoNizbrdo stands for an epic adventure while getting up the hill and then taking it all the way downhill on your bike or by foot, and even on your skis.

Where does UzbrdoNizbrdo operate?

From the Bosnian outback to the coast and back to the city, we offer unique tours designed to deliver an unforgettable, authentic taste of Bosnia and Herzegovina…no matter what your budget is. We’re the real deal.

What is UzbrdoNizbrdo offering?

We are offering you specially tailored MTB and hiking tours in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we even offer rafting and alpine touring tours. Our tours are suitable even for small groups.

Are you planning to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina with your friends this spring, summer, fall or even winter and would like to ride, hike or just hang out with us?

Let us know some basic preferences:

  • Riding or hiking style
  • Preferred trails (flowy vs. techy)
  • Max. elevation gain
  • Number of days
  • Hotel vs. Appartment
  • Group size

And we will put together a great offer for you. And that’s not all….even if you didn’t find what you’re looking for get in touch with us…and we will try to make everything possible.

Take the challenge…explore new places…and meet great people!

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